SANIMAC is your specialist for Machine Construction, Modification, Rebuilding & Reconditioning, Prototype.

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SANIMAC is part of Sani-Group. The company was born in late 1990s under the initiative of Mikael Bahlouli, putting to good use his strong experience on machines and automation. SANIMAC develops and manufactures hi-tech machines and prototypes for standard, cellulose&composite, recycled and plastic free products. It is, actually, the leading company in the market for accuracy, timekeeping, ability to find the most suitable solutions to generate economies, improving performances, quality and reducing errors.

SANIMAC supports sustainable innovation to employ in a wide range of sectors, to meet the needs of modern business and promote the right balance between investment and containment of business costs.

A staff of highly specialized employees and technicians guarantee the excellence that has led the company to become one of the most sought after worldwide for design, manufacture and sale of Rotary Die Cutters parts and units. The factory is based in Abruzzo, central Italy, easily reachable from Rome.


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