simple side panel
Baby Diapers Machine
Sanitary Napkins Machine
Adult Diapers Machine
Underpad/Meat pad/Lamination
Face Mask
Elastic side tape
Lamination Line & Roofing Machine
Cellulose Web/Airlaid Machine

SANIMAC is your specialist for Machine Construction, Modification, Rebuilding & Reconditioning, Prototype.
We supplied worldwide complete Turnkey production lines for:
Baby diapers, up to 700 pcs/min;
Sanitary napkins, up to 1.200 pcs/min;
Panty shields, up to 1.200 pcs/min;
Adult diapers, up to 300 pcs/min;
Underpad, up to 300 pcs/min;
Underpad/Meat Pad/Lamination; 300 ml/min;
Face Mask, up to 800 pcs/min;
Lamination, up to 200 lm/min;
Elastic Side Tape, up to 200 lm/min;
Reconditioned Machines;
Fluff Core Machines.

Our latest product innovation to improve the product fitting, meanwhile reducing drastically raw material consumption cost and environmental impact are:
Fluffless converters;
Side panel & comfort belt;
Fluff Core Machines..