comfort belt
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Savings - Quality - Innovation
Our belt Retrofitting Kits allow important savings on raw materials consumption of Cellulose, Nonwoven topsheet, NW cuffs, Poly backsheet, construction glue, frontal tape and tape tabs.

Our patented belt kits eliminate the use of the frontal tape applicator and of the shaping unit, procuring better machinability, faster size changeover, less maintenance cost.

Environmental Friendly
The reduction of 30% of the raw materials employed to make such disposable products has an important reduction of environmental impact from industries and consumers’ wastes.

Products’ Reliability and Stability
Our patented belts guarantee the best fitting and product stability on the body.

Products‘ Freshness
The application of the nonwoven belts allows a reduction of the surface of the side materials, to benefit of the consumers that wear products with breathable sides.

Consumers’ Autonomy
The consumers can easily pull on and take off the diapers in 2 steps, without any external help. Step 1, the belts are laced on the abdomen. Step 2, hook the diaper directly on belts laced on the abdomen.

Adjustable Products
The side positioned velcro tabs allow to adjust the belts on any abdomen size for the best fitting.

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