Automatic Counting and Stacking machine for Tri-Folded Sanitary Napkins
counting and stacking machine
  • Accept straight products as sanitary napkins or panty shields
  • The exits chutes right & left can be used manually or can be connected directly to an automatic bagging & sealing m/c
  • Compacting and shuttle units included in the supply
  • Automatic reject included
  • Motorized by brushless motor
  • Easy maintenance
  • Delivery time 3 months
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Fit on any converting machines
  1. Product entrance
  2. Product conveyor, including product presence control
  3. Product indeed unit into the stacker plates, including the product counting unit
  4. First products expulsion unit
  5. Products compacting units included in the shuttle system
  6. Products expulsion units, Exit chutes left & right
  7. Electrical cabinet
  8. Brushless motor