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Baby Diapers Machine
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Cellulose Web/Airlaid Machine

Speed: up to 200 pcs/min.

LAM 200 - for Lamination of different materials


  • Reel diameter: from 100 up to 400mm
  • Inner core diameter: from 1" up to 3"
  • Reel width: from 1000 up to 3000mm
  • Reel weight: <= 40 kg
  • Optional: up to 5 webs junction to reach a total width up to 16.000 mm.


Material finds wide conformation in agriculture thanking its high protective properties, ease and durability. Coverings from this material protect plants from strong rains, hailstones, the heat, harmful insects. Possessing good transparency and water penetration, in a combination to shadow effect, coverings create for growing plants a fine microclimate, improving their quality and accelerating maturing terms. Nonwoven material can give special protective properties by insertion of additives that will provide protection against pesticides applied in agriculture and herbicides.

Advantages of a material in agricultural needs:

  • Ecologically pure plant growing
  • Minimum of expenses of manual skills in pest control and weeds
  • Productivity increase in 1,5 and more times
  • Reception of earlier crop.
In Construction Laminated Materials can be used as vapour seal, waterproofing, windbreak.
High mechanical breaking strength and punching (it is especially important at installation of roofs);
  • Ecologically safe (does not allocate harmful substances and does not cause an allergy);
  • Keeps the properties during long term of using (it is steady against solar radiation (with Uf-stabilizer introduction), to winter frosts, to influence of excited environments, bacteria);
  • It is technological in work (it is easily cut, is not torn on excess places, does not decay, regulate at a stretching).

The material possesses high permeability for water steams at simultaneous protective influence against a rain, snow and pollution at the expense of what fine climatic regulation is created. It gives possibility to use a material for isolation of coverings in building.